Among the most accomplished authors globally, having sold more than 250 000 copies of his various books.

Vusi is among the most accomplished business authors across the globe,

having sold more than 250 000 copies of his various books. His debut book, The Magna Carta of Exponentiality, sold 6 000 copies in a single day on debut in Barcelona, Spain, and is counted among rare literary collectibles by an African author. A project that took eight years to complete, the book has a cult-like following, with inquiries streaming in from cities like New York, London, Paris and Oslo.

His follow-up book, a poetic and linguistic masterpiece, the self-titled Vusi Lessons from the Black Dragon, is a quadruple bestseller and is among the fastest books by a South African author to reach bestseller status. Unapologetically authentic and provocative, Thembekwayo’ s books are must-have additions to the bookshelves of novices and seasoned alike.


The Magna Carta of Exponentiality

The book answers the question, “how do we drive exponential results in linear markets?”


Vusi lessons from the Black Dragon

Join Vusi on an inspiring journey from the township to the top echelons of South African business