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The False Arch of History

In his magnum opus, Things Fall Apart, literary forefather for all African authors (both in the diaspora & home) Chinua Achebe remarks that "... until Lions have their own historians, the story of the hunt will glorify the hunter." The future is ahead of us, never behind us. And trying to understand how that future may unfold is a treacherous business. Regardless of how scientifically sound your process is, your [...]


What Apes have in common with Van Damme

Everyone knew what was going to happen ... after it happened. Today - just as was the case then - the world is on the precipice of another technology revolution. The development of Web3.0 is an exciting time for humanity. The opportunity to decentralize instruments of power & have the users of the internet actually owing their pathway-to-utility is a very exciting opportunity. Most notably are the young people that [...]



We are seeing another moment in technology history where smart money must distinguish the "leading edge" & the "bleeding edge." The rate at which technology changes, means the incumbent can become the underdog in a half-sprint. When Snow's smash hit song "Informer" dropped in his 1992 debut album, it was as if the earth stood still. If only for a brief moment. The flow & the beat caught the attention [...]


Back to the Future

The future is being revised in the archives of movies. Sitting in the tub, Sylvester Stallone & Sandra Bullock place 2 domes over their heads and close their eyes. And then, contact-less intimacy. Crazy in 1993. Completely possible today. The study of the future is like studying ocean currents. You know they are there. Will always be there. You are just not altogether sure of how much of their past [...]


The Space Case

Much fanfare has been made about the recent $1Trillion dollar market cap of the Tesla stock. Not only the first automotive company to reach this momentous milestone but even the rate of this achievement speaks to this moment. The past is dead. The future is now. Electric cars are cool. And their impact on the environment (having forced seismic shifts on the incumbents in less than a generation) cannot be [...]


Meet Maria: The Future Accountant

The business is strong & the economy is growing. The financials are complete. The client is happy. Accountants in a brief but tense staredown with a Robotic entity at a Fintech conference. Not only this but the financials are done in a tenth of the time at a quarter of the cost. The lead accountant is Maria. Maria is a robotic technology that runs on a DAO protocol built on [...]


A robot took my blood

Today, a robot took my blood. The famous words "I'll be back" were made iconic by the Terminator character addressing the young John Connor character in the 1984 movie classic. Now, closer on four decades after that iconic scene was recorded, the world has arrived at tge moment. The robot is smart. The robot is reaching an intelligence that makes it relatable. Almost human. So this week I had to [...]


Where is Africa in the Future?

Yesterday I saw the POSSIBILITIES. What would the world look like if robots attended to you at the hospital? What would the world look like if robots manned warehouses? What would the world look like if robots fixed potholes or if autonomous vehicles were moving goods from warehouses to stores? What would the world look like if robots would co-exist with humans: what we call co-bots! What would the world [...]


Is Africa ready for Space Exploration?

This week Jeff Bezos will take Blue Origin to the edge of space. Bezos, the founder of Amazon who is colloquially referred to as the most efficient allocator of capital alive todaySpace is $1 Trillion market opportunity according to Bloomberg. Just the other day, Richard Branson took his Virgin Galactic to the edge of space. Since then investment firms have ferociously gone after the space market as an investment opportunity. [...]


The Rainbow Nation

My fellow South Africans. South Africa is not perfect. We have our issues. Serious ones at that. We argue. We blame. We take no responsibility. We mask our deeply systemic issues with the glossy paper of winning in the sports ground. Like a hallucinogen drug, the momentary euphoria fools us into thinking that sportsfield stands echoing the tune of Shosholoza mean we are one. We are not. Being a South [...]



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