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About Day after tomorrow

Most futurist are idiots.

Their commentary and content have little real-world relevance & almost no application.

We already know that technology is fusing with the real world.
We know that new financial systems are being created.
We know that economies are trending towards zero marginal cost.

A random subscription to the latest WEF article and you are up to date with what tomorrow holds.

We know what tomorrow will look like. This isn’t new.

The question you need to be asking yourself, your team & your leaders is, “what about the day AFTER tomorrow? What will that bring?”

What happens after the liberalisation of power?
What happens when our mobile phones are more powerful than our own minds?
What happens when crypto- and traditional currencies can be traded in the same location or with zero arbitration?
What happens when the traditional currencies simply cease to exist?

What happens when what we wouldn't dare imagine, becomes a reality?

Leadership, after all, is not about having the answers to the questions. Leadership is about knowing which questions to ask.

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