Leading at the Edge of Chaos - Vusi Thembekwayo

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About Leading at the Edge of Chaos

Like a Surfer riding a wave, chan ge can either propel you into the future, or you can watch it fade into the distance, while you sink into obscurity. Which side of the wave you remain on depends on how ready your business is for it. And that readiness depends on those you lead.

Through Vusi's own experience of Leading at the Edge of Chaos, this talk will do more than pay lip service to the business climate’s constant flux, it will turn your leaders into the motivators and influencers they need to be to take advantage of it. To make sure the entire business isn’t just ready to deal with change efectively, but to thrive off of it. To change faster than your customers do. To determine the speed of change rather than be abused by it. To ride that wave.
Do exceptionally, not despite the speed of change, but because of it.

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