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Meet Alexa, my automated assistant that is run by Amazons Artificial Intelligence. She scheduled my business breakfast meeting, kept a tally of my steps on my FitBit, remembered my point score at the country club from a week ago & has already prepared notes on my board pack for next board meeting.

She is intuitive, reliable & ubiquitous.

We all know that the next industrial revolution is here. The old ways are dead. The new ways are not yet discovered. This is the messy middle. A period of theory, trial, error & celebrated failures.

But how does your business navigate these waters? How does a listed company with quarterly earnings announcements
embrace a culture of failure without destroying market sentiment?

How do business leaders manage risk in a shared economy: shared talent, shared ideas & shared collective futures with society, shareholders and employees?

In the age of automated & robotic assistants and the transparency of the world wide web, how do leaders share?

How do managers collaborate?
How do people trust?
How do brands thrive?

How do you build your business to exist in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

"In this talk, Vusi looks at the three key drivers of the business of the future – sharing, trust and collaboration – and how you need to use these to create an ecosystem that delivers value to your customer."

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