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It is a tale as old as time: businesses adopt a pyramid pattern with a few high-performing leaders at the top and their followers in multitude at the bottom. Here, unstructured information is gathered at the base of the pyramid, converted into insight by managers at the centre of the pyramid & made concrete through decisions by executives at the summit of the pyramid. The larger the organisation, the wider the base and taller summit of the pyramid. Simply, fewer decisions, less agility, Slower organisations.

Modern business gurus obsessed with maximising opportunities, building entrepreneurial cultures & inspiring teams have learnt the tricks of this new age: smaller teams, more frequent contact, faster pace of delivery. In this keynote, Vusi speaks to the “Rule of 3”, the modern system of management that is behind the success of tech giants Google & Facebook as well as highly disruptive companies WeWork and Slack.

He demystifies the art of becoming the approachable high-impact leader that maximises team engagement and customer fulfilment.

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