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The world is changing. How we gather and share knowledge, and what we go on to do with that knowledge is constantly evolving. The only way to stay up to date and relevant is to have access to this new information while it is still relevant. Ergo, Africa’s Premier Knowledge Bureau.

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Severus was founded in South Africa to help accelerate global crypto adoption by providing a secure, integrated blockchain experience with the same level of security as a AAA bank account coupled with the intelligence and innovation of a bleeding edge Fintech.

Severus is designed with you in mind. With a customer-first approach, Severus is user-friendly and intuitive for both beginners and advanced cryptocurrency users.

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Our world class customer support and FinTech will help you manage, or diversify your investments. Being an authorized and regulated firm, we are the ideal partner for individual and institutional investors.

At SquaredFinancial we combine financial market expertise with dedicated customer support and give you a flexible technology backed solution which works for first time traders to professional investors.

We are a group of experienced financial service professionals who share a passion and enthusiasm for online trading. We are determined to give you the support, investment tools and access to the products which will allow you to enter the financial markets.

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MyGrowthFund Venture Partner

MyGrowthFund Venture Partners is a leading venture firm, winner of the Best Impact Investment Firm 2020 & 2021- Africa at the Worldwide Finance Awards in London, UK.

We are proudly associated with the pre-eminent pan-African private equity firm EXEO Capital, managing in excess of USD $200mln in AUM.

Our mission is to build 300 sustainable businesses, create 100,000 decent jobs & invest in 100 high-growth ventures by the year 2030. So far, MyGrowthFund has created 3,900 full-time jobs.

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The Innovation Village

For a long time, a standard approach to nurturing innovators has mostly been through innovation competitions and award ceremonies that focus on the top 3 winners out of 100 submissions.

The Innovation Village is a destination that the 97 who never take the trophy home come to transform their ideas into solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. We create an environment where start-ups grow in confidence and capability scaling from promising tech into fully established sustainable businesses.

We breathe for seeing people’s ideas that could transform society come to life and make a remarkable impact. The doors are open for all that have big Ideas and the determination to work them into life.

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Silicon Cape

A community of tech entrepreneurs, developers, creatives, angel investors, and VC’s who are passionate about entrepreneurship and the roles we play in the future of South Africa.

Silicon Cape is an NPO and an ecosystem enabler for tech-enabled startups in the broader Cape Region of South Africa. We work to connect stakeholders, curate ecosystem data, amplify the stories coming out of the ecosystem and advocate on behalf of stakeholders through our membership programme.

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Mount Fletcher Capital SPV

MyGrowthFund Venture Partners DXB, Mount Fletcher is a debt fund aimed at providing African entrepreneurs with attractive lending rates to fund their short-term working capital requirements.

The fund is fully technology-enabled with the manager leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence and alternative data sources to provide a more complete scoring mechanism for applicants.

The fund is a platform predominantly targeting non-institutional qualified investors – UNHWI – who are passionate about the development of small businesses.

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Watermark Afrika Fund Managers

Situated at the beacon of modern capital, the DIFC, Watermark Afrika Fund Managers is an Africa-focused investment and advisory firm. The firm partners with its international clients to develop market entry & growth strategies in Africa.

Africa’s fast-growing youth demographic & technology-driven inclusion presents a good opportunity for any investor seeking to unlock the African opportunity dividend.

Watermark Afrika is a pre-eminent provider of not only capital solutions but also in-country partner matching solutions for global investors and multinationals.

Fintech Afrika Fund

Partnerships between MyGrowthFund Afrika Ventures & the Kigali International Finance Centre, the $50mln FinTech fund is a growth stage investment platform accelerating Africa’s adoption of technologies that drive financial inclusion.

Over the past decade, Africa has experienced an exponential rise of technology startups raising record levels of funding across medtech, edtech, market-enablement & FinTech.

Of the USD 4 Billion that African startups raised in 2021, 53% of that capital flow (USD 2.3 Billion) was into FinTechs.

The FinTech Afrika Fund is aimed at accelerating the rate of innovation that drives financial inclusion and brings dignity to the poorest & most emergent nations in the global South.

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Vuka Fund

Vuka Fund brings together powerful business insights and lucrative investment opportunities in a single vehicle to make a real difference in the SME landscape of Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa’s development challenges require countries to catalyse of private enterprise, encourage entrepreneurship. And Africa’s entrepreneurs need access to capital, markets and mentorship.

Managed by Vuka Fund Managers – a partnership between the Thembekwayo Legacy Trust & EXEO Capital – VUKA Fund 1 is a targeted R1.5BN quasi-private equity fund that deploys growth capital into founder-led late-stage businesses that are seeking the next frontier of growth on the continent to accelerate growth.

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If you’re serious about giving 100% — to your business, finances, and relationships — then you’re ready for this club. It’s the club that births game-changers. It’s for those who desire to make an impact. It’s a place to achieve what people have deemed unachievable. It is here that you will break barriers, where you will achieve greatness, and destroy mediocrity.

Club100 – Your Legacy Begins Here…

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