VT Brand - Vusi Thembekwayo

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Vusi the mere mention of Vusi is guaranteed to stir emotion. Love him or hate him, this singular truth remains: you cannot ignore him. Vusi is a personal brand sensation whose name, iconic manner of speech & unrivalled business acumen, as well as stratospheric accomplishments, make him the go-to-guy for executives and entrepreneurs globally. CNBC, BBC and Fortune all remark about his ability to distil complex concepts into soundbites.

Vusi's social media pages are amongst the most engaging personal brand social media on the web. His content is fresh, honest and irreverent. The brand equity of Vusi Thembekwayo has gathered momentum to be likened only to a downhill rolling snowball. Write in italics: "anytime you stand for something, you are bound to create enemies" ~ Vusi Thembekwayo advocate or detractor. Friend or Foe. The VT brand is impossible to ignore.