My fellow South Africans.

South Africa is not perfect. We have our issues. Serious ones at that. We argue. We blame. We take no responsibility. We mask our deeply systemic issues with the glossy paper of winning in the sports ground. Like a hallucinogen drug, the momentary euphoria fools us into thinking that sportsfield stands echoing the tune of Shosholoza mean we are one.

We are not.

Being a South African means different things to different communities. For most, it is an existence of leaking sewage, no running water, no electricity, no proper schools. No dignity really. A grim existence filled with the shame of poverty.

For a few is a lofty existence of expensive homes in exclusive suburbs with insured cars and airconditioned offices. It’s gyming in well-lit gyms wearing skin-fabric tights to later post your “App” results as a social media proofing of your conquest.

We are not one.

These differences, these very fault-lines have been the gun-powder that has been used to divide us. And those that divide us have had their efforts go largely unchecked.

These differences can be overcome when we embrace equality. When we recognize that different does not mean less than.

We are not one.
We are not perfect.

But WE (all of us) must do the work of breaking down our own prejudices. And we all have them.

South Africa is not perfect.

But let nobody fool you into thinking our differences are cause enough to destroy our country.

Tell your family that this moment will pass.
Tell your children after this storm, the rainbow will beam.
Tell your neighbor that violence, discrimination, and hate are never the answer.

iNkosi isikelel’iAfrica.

Vusi Thembekwayo
Speaker | Investor | Leader