Disclaimer: these are some of my deepest, most innermost thoughts. You don’t have to understand them.

And I suspect, depending on where you are in your life & your journey towards self-actualisation, you may not.

  1. What if your life is an unwitting re-enactment of your past life?

2. What if the best decision is to make the decision that goes against the decision you would usually make?

3. What if your future is the past and your past is your present seen through the prism of relativism?

4. What if we are the aliens that we seek and a much more intelligent life force once populated the earth until we destroyed it?

5. What if money is just a tool to enslave our time and diminish our creative genius?

6. What if it’s ALL predetermined, and freedom of choice, self-determination & reality are all illusions — albeit very persistent?

7. What if I am walking down the street and something stupid happens, and a passerby catches it on their phone and makes me an internet laughing sensation?

8. What if time doesn’t exist and the only elemental truism is day and night?

9. What if my eyes deceive me & everything I see, is not what it appears to be, but instead what my brain would prefer to see, for my sanity?

10. What if I have been here, in the exact moment doing this exact thing before?

Now back to your regular scheduled program

Vusi Thembekwayo
Speaker | Investor | Dragon Slayer