Everyone knew what was going to happen … after it happened.

Today – just as was the case then – the world is on the precipice of another technology revolution. The development of Web3.0 is an exciting time for humanity.

The opportunity to decentralize instruments of power & have the users of the internet actually owing their pathway-to-utility is a very exciting opportunity.

Most notably are the young people that are the center of this new wave of technology & disruptions. The technologists, the designers, the coders, the builders, the community, the angel investors, and the (selfishly) VCs that are standing at the doorstep of this revolution banging at the establishment to open the gates so that the world can become more evenly yolked.

It feels like that moment in the movie when the hero is so tired of the villain kicking his ass that he “turns up” on him. You know that moment, the music changes from something dark and dreary to upbeat & optimistic. The hero suddenly has a new leaf of life on him.

His eyes lit.

His back up straight.

His spirit is filled with belief.

2022 is that moment in the movie.

The arch of the story changes. The NFTs, the blockchains, the tokens, the decentralized organizations, the decentralized finance – each of these are just a strand of the change.

If this were a movie, it would be that moment when Van Damme switches on Bolo. His eyes blinded by their conflict, he closes to listen to the whisk of the punch from Bolo. (Or wait, was that Kickboxer)? Anyway, it’s that iconic moment in Bloodsport where the hero is made, when the bloody canvas is recolored with the blood of the villain.

This poster is a reminder of how dismissive human beings are of new technology.

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… and now, back to your regular scheduled program.

Vusi Thembekwayo
Global Speaker. Award-winning Investor.