Much fanfare has been made about the recent $1Trillion dollar market cap of the Tesla stock. Not only the first automotive company to reach this momentous milestone but even the rate of this achievement speaks to this moment.

The past is dead.
The future is now.

Electric cars are cool. And their impact on the environment (having forced seismic shifts on the incumbents in less than a generation) cannot be overstated.

But the real hyperloop of value is in the space business. The societal event horizon that this technology will bring to the whole world will change societies, communities & nations forever.

Space tech: that’s the future. What space will enable societies and technologists to do is hard to comprehend.

The list of the industries that will be changed by this technology is endless.

For Africa, what this is means is simple: life will get better. Connectivity will be cheaper & much faster. Industries will be more efficient. Families will be happier.

Some say low-orbit is already crowded.
I think we are at the beginning of a very exciting time. The technologies are still early. The time to get in IS NOW.

The world is changing. And we are at the very beginning of almost ALL the technologies that will shape the future of the world.

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Vusi Thembekwayo
International Speaker. Investor. Leader.